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OSHA Compliance

Pulp and Paper Mill Gas Control Application

Pulp and Paper Mill Gas Phase Filtration   THE APPLICATION: Fraser Paper, a world-class manufacturer of pulp and paper based in Madawaska, Maine, experienced higher-than-average failure rates of electronic control equipment used to operate critical paper machine production equipment. Based upon a mill-wide Aquest air quality audit, it was determined that high levels of corrosive…

Smoke and Dust Control Application

THE APPLICATION: Isaacson Steel, a large structural steel fabricator located in Berlin, New Hampshire, experienced a fire in an existing cartridge dust collector. Aquest received a telephone call requesting design engineering support, a site visit and a “fast track” proposal. Within 24 hours, Aquest was on-site, completed an in-depth engineering audit and submitted a formal…

OSHA-Compliant Dust Abatement Application

NUTMEG CONTAINER — PUTNAM, CT THE APPLICATION: Nutmeg Container, located in Putnam, Connecticut, is renowned for their custom packaging. During the fall of 2010, Nutmeg decided that they needed to solve a dust issue that had been affecting their operation. After a competitive bid process, Aquest Corporation was awarded the job of minimizing their dust…

High-Volume Hydrogen Sulfide Application

THE APPLICATION: 2,000 to 20,000 PPM hydrogen sulfide was released to a utility flare and to the atmosphere. Nuisance and potential health problems within local community. 100% saturated airstream, no water or sewer available. THE DESIGN: 88,000 lbs. Sulfatreat iron oxide filter media installed within an ASME-certified steel vessel. Included self-regulating heat tracing, tank insulation, high…

Mill-Wide Odor and Corrosion Control Application

MILL-WIDE ODOR & CORROSION CONTROL APPLICATION THE APPLICATION: A world-class pulp and paper mill required aggressive and verifiable odor and corrosion control services for implementation throughout the pulp, paper, wastewater, bleaching, and chemical areas. THE DESIGN: Aquest provided high-performance, KOH impregnated, activated carbon for installation in 46 scrubbers installed throughout the facility. Quarterly media sampling…

Odor and Corrosion

Odor and Corrosion Clients Sappi Fine Paper Lincoln Pulp TWIN RIVER PAPER Unilever Harvard Boston Hyde Woodland Pulp Read about a high performance, verifiable method of corrosion and odor control. Click here

Landfill and Waste

Landfill and Waste Services Clients Waste Management Casella Waste Services Maine Energy Recovery Ameresco Read about Aquest’s installation of an air scrubber to alleviate high levels of hydrogen sulfide gas. Click here.  

General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing Clients Nutmeg Container New England Confectionary Westinghouse Unilever Rubb Building Systems Unison Engine Group Hitech Mold and Tool New Balance Shoe Read about how Aquest Corp.
 answered the call from Isaacson Steel
 to provide an efficient solution to
 their air weld smoke issues. Click here. Take a look at a corrugated sheet

Pulp and Paper Mills

  Pulp and paper mill clients Sappi Verso Paper Twin River Paper Cellu-Tissue Seaman Paper Unicorr R.L. Donnelly Read about how Twin River reduced electronics failure rates and provided a safer, more pleasant workplace by eliminating corrosive gases from their plant. Click here.