Aerospace Manufacturing Application

Metal Fabrication / Aerospace Manufacturing

THE APPLICATION: Metal-working manufacturers who work with aluminum, titanium, magnesium and other alloys have become a target for OSHA enforcement under a recently promulgated rule referred to as the National Dust Emphasis Program. This program, in association with NFPA 484, requires strict adherence to dust control within a facility. This rule is meant to protect workers from fires and dust explosions within the workplace. Aquest Corporation, a well-respected 25-year provider of industrial air filtration equipment, has worked with manufacturers throughout New England to identify process areas of concern and to provide quality solutions that are cost-effective and that conform to this new OSHA directive.

THE DESIGN: The Hydromax Series offers an all-stainless steel cabinet, high-efficiency water baffles and mist elimination with high efficiencies that allow for exhaust air to remain in the plant for significant energy savings. Available in sizes from 1,200, 2,400 and 5,000 cfm, each unit is modular in design for ease of installation. They can be installed on existing (dry) systems and can include downdraft tables, booths and work centers. Custom hoods, ductwork and installation services are provided by Aquest factory-trained personnel.

THE IMPLEMENTATION: Aquest recently completed the installation of 15 Micro Air WC-2500 wet dust collectors at a major aerospace facility. Each collector includes an OSHA-recommended NEMA-4 control panel with interlocks to the process, digital water flow control and an easy-to-use digital control panel.

An Aerospace manufacturer who was fined by OSHA for polishing and sanding Aluminum and Titanium. Aquest installed (15) WC2500 and (4) Controlled Air Booths.

Handgun manufacturer that was polishing Aluminum. Aquest custom fabricated hoods & designed dust collection system to segregate steel from Aluminum Line.

WC2500 attached to Downdraft Table