High-Volume Hydrogen Sulfide Application

THE APPLICATION: 2,000 to 20,000 PPM hydrogen sulfide was released to a utility flare and to the atmosphere. Nuisance and potential health problems within local community. 100% saturated airstream, no water or sewer available.

THE DESIGN: 88,000 lbs. Sulfatreat iron oxide filter media installed within an ASME-certified steel vessel. Included self-regulating heat tracing, tank insulation, high pressure blower, utility flare, piping, valves and controls.

THE IMPLEMENTATION: Aquest Corporation, in conjunction with Tech Environmental, Waltham, Mass., provided system design, engineering fabrication, installation and start-up commissioning. Aquest fabricated the scrubber vessel, OSHA caged ladder and service platform along with the installation of self-regulating heat tracing to support severe winter operations. The design accommodated cost-effective service elements including a caged service ladder, service platform, top and bottom access hatches and filter/ air testing ports.

THE RESULTS: The H2S scrubber is providing 99+% removal efficiency in response to a varying load of hydrogen sulfide conditions. The system has exceeded all regulatory requirements over the past eight-month period. Aquest maintains a turnkey field service solution whenever filter media requires replacement. This includes removal of spent media, replacement of inlet filters, installation of new media, media disposal and system start-up. Inlet and outlet H2S conditions are monitored daily and system performance is recorded for electronic communications to regulatory agencies.