Mill-Wide Odor and Corrosion Control Application


THE APPLICATION: A world-class pulp and paper mill required aggressive and verifiable odor and corrosion control services for implementation throughout the pulp, paper, wastewater, bleaching, and chemical areas.

THE DESIGN: Aquest provided high-performance, KOH impregnated, activated carbon for installation in 46 scrubbers installed throughout the facility. Quarterly media sampling with Life Analysis Testing assured that all systems are performing at optimum levels. Corrosion Classification Coupons are supplied to all Process Control Centers to monitor and control corrosion levels. This method subscribed to the Instrument Society of America (ISA) 71. 04 standard.

THE IMPLEMENTATION: Aquest completed a mill-wide audit resulting in the installation of additional carbon vessels, tank covers and other containment structures. A quarterly reporting methodology was developed in cooperation with mill management.

: Carbon replacement costs were reduced by approximately 30%, media life was extended by over 50%, all systems provide a documented ISA-G1 (mild) corrosive environment, odor complaints within the community were reduced by over 90%. Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) as recorded on major process control components improved by 68% on an annual basis.