OSHA-Compliant Dust Abatement Application


THE APPLICATION: Nutmeg Container, located in Putnam, Connecticut, is renowned for their custom packaging. During the fall of 2010, Nutmeg decided that they needed to solve a dust issue that had been affecting their operation. After a competitive bid process, Aquest Corporation was awarded the job of minimizing their dust load.

THE DESIGN: There were three main process areas that were targeted by Aquest’s engineering team to be the sources of dust promulgation. Aquest and their main principal, Micro Air, teamed up to develop an aggressive dust abatement strategy to significantly lower dust levels and to meet OSHA and NFPA regulations and guidelines.

THE IMPLEMENTATION: Dust collectors in three process locations were installed throughout the factory. Aquest’s quality engineering team positioned the units accordingly to allow the use of deflagration panels, secondary explosion dampers, and spark detection and suppression on every dust collector, providing a complete turnkey installation and system start-up.

THE RESULT: Aquest’s ability to think outside the box and maximize the space inside Nutmeg’s facility provided the customer with a cost-effective solution to a problem that was large in scope.

The Micro Air RP8 was installed to capture ambient dust created from the cyclone, shredder and band saw operations in Nutmeg’s bailing process.


The Micro Air RP4-3 was installed to capture dust created from a CNC Holzma and router machine.


The Micro Air RP4-2 was installed to collect dust generated by machines in the wood shop.