Pulp and Paper Mill Gas Control Application

Pulp and Paper Mill Gas Phase Filtration


THE APPLICATION: Fraser Paper, a world-class manufacturer of pulp and paper based in Madawaska, Maine, experienced higher-than-average failure rates of electronic control equipment used to operate critical paper machine production equipment. Based upon a mill-wide Aquest air quality audit, it was determined that high levels of corrosive gases including hydrogen sulfide were contributing to this equipment failure rate.

THE DESIGN: Aquest identified two key motor control centers (MCCs) that experienced higher-than-acceptable levels of sulfide gases. These rooms, located adjacent to the wastewater treatment facility, were occupied and employee complaints were on the rise. Aquest designed and fabricated two Quest Air gas phase scrubbers complete

with particulate filtration, KOH-impregnated activated carbon and room pressure gauges. Each unit was sized to provide five air changes per hour to maintain room conditions per Instrument Society of America (I.S.A) 71.04 standards.

THE IMPLEMENTATION: The two stainless steel scrubber units provide absorption, adsorption and chemical reaction of all airborne gases. The clean air is then transported to the MCC and maintains a positive pressure within the room to eliminate infiltration of toxic gases. Aquest provides quarterly testing of the control room environmental conditions utilizing ISA copper coupon corrosion techniques. This service includes equipment inspection (belts, filters, motors, etc.) media life analysis, and monitoring of room temperature, relative humidity and pressure.

THE RESULTS: The Quest Air units have eliminated all corrosive gases from within these critical MCCs and the operators no longer have odor complaints. Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) statistics within these rooms have improved. Industry accepted, quarterly ISA corrosion coupon analysis confirmed the quality of the air within each area.