Smoke and Dust Control Application

THE APPLICATION: Isaacson Steel, a large structural steel fabricator located in Berlin, New Hampshire, experienced a fire in an existing cartridge dust collector. Aquest received a telephone call requesting design engineering support, a site visit and a “fast track” proposal. Within 24 hours, Aquest was on-site, completed an in-depth engineering audit and submitted a formal engineering document that included demolition and removal of the existing system, supply and delivery of a Micro RP Cartridge Dust Collector, fabrication of all ductwork and a field installation program plan.

THE DESIGN: Micro Air and Aquest provided a fully automatic, self-cleaning, RP cartridge filter unit to support this critical application. Engineered to handle up to 30,000 cfm of contaminated plant air, the system included an automatic compressed air filter cleaning system for on line and offline duty, differential air pressure monitoring of filter performance, a return air plenum for energy savings, factory-installed Goyen solenoid assemblies and a corrosion-resistant coating for outdoor application at this steel fabrication facility located in a harsh, northern New England environment.

THE IMPLEMENTATION: Within two weeks from receipt of order, Aquest delivered the dust collector as specified. Micro Air expedited assembly and delivery through the Wichita plant. Prior to receipt of these units, Aquest arrived onsite and removed the fire-damaged equipment and all necessary ductwork. Aquest cleaned the site and modified the existing support structure. Upon arrival, the Micro Air unit was off-loaded and assembled by Aquest technicians and placed on the existing cement pad. This work was accomplished on time, in snow, with an outdoor wind chill temperature of 20 degrees below zero. Aquest designed, fabricated and installed all interconnecting duct and transition pieces, reconfigured the entire system and provided start-up services. The entire system was physically inspected for damage and debris.

Before …

… and after.